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2-Hour One-on-One Hands-on Training in Online Mediation

Our 2-hour training in Online Mediation is based on Giuseppe Leone’s experience training mediators around the world, running hundreds of online mediation simulations with mediators from 30 countries, and mediating online workplace cases for the United States Postal Service

If you are a mediator, you will learn:

  • What online mediation means and how it works
  • How to mediate online; add online mediation to your practice; blend face-to-face and online mediation
  • How to do online everything you are used to do mediating face-to-face: joint and private meeting with the parties, Shuttle Diplomacy in multi-party disputes, documents and video sharing, annotation, online whiteboard, writing up the parties’ Memorandum of Understanding or Agenda for their next mediation session

To participate in our 2-hour Training in Online Mediation you need:

  • PC, Mac, Ipad or Android tablet
  • Internet connection
  • Having attended a basic or advanced mediation training


  • 1-hour Introduction to Online Mediation – $90 (with Certificate of Completion)
  • 1-hour One-on-One Hands-On Online Mediation Training via Zoom – $90 (with Certificate of Completion)
  • Combo – 1-hour Intro to Online Mediation & 1-hour Hands-on Training – $160 (with Certificates of Completion)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you’re not completely satisfied with our 2-hour training in online mediation, you will receive a full refund – no questions asked.

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2-hour Training in Online Mediation

Sharpen Your Mediation Skills Online – FREE

Success in online mediation depends mainly on the mediator’s skills and experience. That’s why we  also give mediators the opportunity to sharpen their skills by participating in 5 FREE online mediation simulations of commercial, family and workplace cases with other mediators from around the world, and a Coach.

6-min Video
This is how our simulations work.

48-min Video
Here is an example of our online mediation simulations.  This 48-min video shows a simulation of a family case (Sharing Dad’s Funeral Expenses) with mediators in England and the United States, connected with a Mac, PC, and Android smartphone.

Show Me More
On the Sims Video Catalogue page you can find many more examples of online mediation simulations of family, workplace and commercial cases. They are approx. 90/120-min long, and you can watch them in streaming on your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device for only $5 per video.

SIGN UPWatch our 3-min video and fill out this Online Registration Form. We’ll then arrange a 15-min video chat to:

  • Check that your internet/video/audio connection works properly
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Give you the link to our weekly Online Mediation Simulations Calendar

Any Questions?

Send Giuseppe Leone an email or call him at (808) 383-4117.