I’M A MEDIATOR Interested in Online Mediation

If you are a family, commercial or workplace mediator, you can learn in 2 hours:

  • What online mediation means and how it works
  • Its benefits
  • How to add online mediation to your practice
  • How to blend face-to-face and online mediation

Before or after our training, you can try online mediation for FREE. You can play the mediator’s role or the role of one of the parties in 5 free online mediation simulations of family, commercial or workplace cases with other mediators from around the world and a Coach. Here is an example. The 48-min video below shows a simulation of a family case (Sharing Dad’s Funeral Expenses) with mediators in England and the United States, connected with a Mac, PC, and Android smartphone.

What do I need to participate in your hands-on training or Free online mediation simulations?

  • PC or Mac, Ipad or Android Tablet
  • Internet connection
  • Having attended a basic or advanced mediation training

What exactly will I learn during your 2-hour hands-on training, and how much does it cost?
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Which video collaboration software do you use for your training and simulations?

Do I need to buy anything – books or any other material – to participate in your training or Free simulations?
No. During our training we suggest you subscribe to the Free version of Zoom. Only when you are ready to add online mediation to your practice, we recommend you subscribe to the Zoom Pro Version


We can present a 30-min or 1-hour webinar on online mediation to your mediators/members.

How many of our mediators/members can attend your webinar?
100 up to 1,000 (on request)

Can your webinar be video recorded, so we can share its video with all our mediators/members?

How much does a webinar on online mediation cost?
It depends on the expected number of attendees. To request a quote contact Giuseppe Leone by email or by phone


Contact Giuseppe Leone by email or give him a call at (808) 383-4117 in the USA