1-Hour One-on-One Hands-On Online Mediation Via Zoom

20140527 - Example of Family Mediation - Old Painting

This 1-hour one-on-one, hands-on training is based on Giuseppe Leone’s experience running hundreds of online mediation simulations with mediators from 30 countries, and mediating online workplace disputes for the United States Postal Service.

We cover 2 main  topics:

1 – Video Collaboration Software Zoom

  • Why the Zoom (Pro version) video collaboration software works so well for Online Mediation
  • How to invite the parties to participate in an online mediation with their PC, Mac, Ipad, Iphone, Android tablet/smartphone, or cellular/landline phone (call-in number)
  • Video and Audio settings
  • Speaker and Gallery View
  • How to switch between joint and private meetings with the parties
  • “Attendee on Hold” feature
  • “Door Knock” technique
  • How to set up breakout rooms in multi-party disputes for engaging in Shuttle Diplomacy
  • How to share documents online (e.g. pictures, pdf files, worksheets, videos, Powerpoint presentations, websites)
  • How to use Zoom annotation tools
  • How and when to use the Chat function
  • How to write up online the parties’ “Memorandum of Understanding” or Agenda for their next mediation session
  • Mobile Devices: An important role in Online Mediation
  • Zoom Security and Parties’ Privacy

2 – Online Mediation

  • Agreement to Mediate for Online Mediation
  • Why it is useful to have pre-mediation sessions
  • Opening Statement for Online Mediation
  • Asking questions during an Online Mediation
  • Why it is necessary to have a Plan B

To participate in this 1-hour one-on-one hands-on training in Online Mediation, you need:

Certificate of Completion
Upon completion of this training, you will receive by email this Certificate of Completion in pdf format