Facilitative, Transformative and Narrative Mediation “In Action” for the Same Workplace Discrimination Case – 3 Videos

Facilitative Mediation – 97-min Video

  • Mediator: Lisa Jacobs (Hawaii, USA)
  • Supervisor: Ben Davies (United Kingdom)
  • Employee: Derek Griffith (Barbados)


Transformative Mediation – 72-min Video

  • Mediator: Dan Simon (Minnesota, USA)
  • Supervisor: Ben Davies (United Kingdom)
  • Employee: Lisa Jacobs (Hawaii, USA)


Narrative Mediation – 86-min Video

  • Mediator: Barbara Mcculloch (New Zealand)
  • Supervisor: Arnold Zeman (Canada)
  • Employee: Jeremy Scuse (Scotland)

PLEASE NOTE – We no longer use Skype for our online mediation simulations. Instead, we now prefer to use a video collaboration software called Zoom (Pro version).

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