Learn How to Offer Your Mediation Services Outside Your City, State, Country
Hi. I’m Giuseppe Leone, professional workplace and commercial mediator since 1997, expert in online mediation and founder of Virtual Mediation Lab: Online Mediation Made Simple, a project sponsored by the Association for Conflict Resolution Hawaii Chapter.

If you are interested to offer your mediation services outside your city, state or country, I can teach you in 2-hours – hands-on, one-on-one

  • How to add online mediation to your practice
  • How you can do online everything you now do in-person: Joint and private meetings (caucus) with the parties; breakout rooms for “Shuttle Diplomacy” in multi-party disputes; documents and video sharing; annotation; online whiteboard for writing up the parties’ Memorandum of Understanding or Agenda for their next mediation session
  • How to blend online and face-to-face mediation

What an Online Mediation Looks Like
Here is an example of online mediation via Zoom. It’s a 48-min simulation of a family case with parties in the USA and England, connected with a PC, Mac and Android smartphone.

Why do I recommend the video collaboration software Zoom for online mediation? Because it’s simple, easy to use, and it works great.

Try It for 15 Minutes
Initially many face-to-face mediators are a bit skeptical about online mediation. But after they try it, their skepticism turns into enthusiasm. . That’s why, if you prefer, before investing $160 in my 2-hour training in online mediation via Zoom, you can also book a 15-min one-on-one demo, which costs only $20.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
I’m 100% sure that you’ll appreciate the benefits of adding online mediation to your practice. Therefore, both my 2-hour hands-on training in online mediation and one-on-one 15-min demo come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Any Questions?
Call me at (808) 383-4117 or send me an email

2-Hour One-on-One Hands-on Training in Online Mediation via Zoom

This training is based on my experience:

Price: $160 with Certificate of Completion

15-Min One-on-One Demo: See for Yourself How Online Mediation Works

I will show you in 15 minutes how you can do online everything you are used to do in-person; for example:

  • Joint meeting with both parties
  • Private meeting (caucus) with each party
  • Breakout rooms for conducting “shuttle diplomacy” in multi-party disputes
  • Information sharing (e.g. pictures, documents, worksheets, videos) and annotation
  • Writing up the parties’ Memorandum of Understanding or agenda for their next mediation session

Price: $20.

Free Webinars on Online Mediation and Other Mediation-Related Topics

Since in our field there is always something new to learn, I also present or host Free webinars on online mediation and other mediation-related topics for mediators and ADR/ODR practitioners around the world. For example:

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