How ACR Hawaii Will Celebrate Conflict Resolution Day 2013 (and why it could be useful to other ACR Chapters as well)

This year we – ACR Hawaii – will celebrate Conflict Resolution Day by doing something new for our members.

  • On October 17 I will present a 1-hour webinar, titled “Learn to Mediate Online with PC, Mac and Mobile Devices”.
    (This same training was attended on August 19, 2013 by mediators in Canada, USA, Austria, Ireland and Barbados).
  • On October 24 board member Lou Chang will present a 45-min webinar, titled “Apology in Mediation”.

Both webinars are free for ACR Hawaii members, who will have 3 options. They can:

  1. Attend our webinars “live” with their PC, Mac or Mobile device in a video conference with a limited number of participants
  2. Attend by phone with a call-in number
  3. Watch the videos of both webinars later, when they have time

Lou Chang and I are willing to make the video recordings of our webinars available to members of other ACR Chapters as well. And how that could be done — in a way that is simple and wouldn’t take too much of our time — is a topic that we’ll discuss during our next board meeting.

In any event, if our October 17 and 24 webinars are as successful as we expect them to be, we will then start planning a new series of interesting webinars for 2014, some of which could be organized in partnership with other ACR Chapters.

Giuseppe Leone