Mediation of Construction Disputes

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Title: Mediation of Construction Disputes
by David Richbell

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 1405169311

From the Publisher:

This book is written for users of mediation, whether they be a party, an advisor or an expert. It should also be of help to commercial mediators who have no specialism in construction.

Its aim is to encourage confidence in the mediation process and to ensure that those who do use mediation to resolve their disputes do so effectively and so are able to maximise the opportunities that mediation offers.


  1. The Construction Industry Is Great at Dispute Creation
  2. The Dispute Resolution Options
  3. The Case for the Mediation of Construction Disputes
  4. Preparing for Mediation
  5. Presenting at the Mediation
  6. Negotiating at the Mediation
  7. Concluding the Mediation
  8. Roles in Mediation – Who Does What?
  9. Avoiding Disputes in the Constrution Industry
  10. The Mediation Landscape
  11. Conclusion – How to Win at Mediation