What Mediators Need to Know About Apology

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Title: On Apology
by Aaron Lazare M.D.
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195189116

From the Publisher:

One of the most profound interactions that can occur between people, apologies have the power to heal humiliations, free the mind from deep-seated guilt, remove the desire for vengeance, and ultimately restore broken relationships. With On Apology, Aaron Lazare offers an eye-opening analysis of this vital interaction, illuminating an often hidden corner of the human heart. He discusses:

  • The importance of shame, guilt, and humiliation
  • The initial reluctance to apologize
  • The simplicity of the act of apologizing
  • The spontaneous generosity and forgiveness on the part of the offended
  • The transfer of power and respect between two parties
  • And much more

Readers will not only find a wealth of insight that they can apply to their own lives, but also a deeper understanding of national and international conflicts and how we might resolve them.

The act of apologizing is quite simply immensely fulfilling. On Apology opens a window onto this common occurrence to reveal the feelings and actions at the heart of this profound interaction.