Free Book on Workplace Mediation

Mediators, human resource managers, attorneys, therapists and other interested individuals may obtain a free copy of the 321-page book Party-Directed Mediation by Gregorio Billikopf of the University of California.

If you live in the United States, you can have the book shipped; otherwise, you can download it in pdf format.

In Party-Directed Mediation the author shares two models:

  1. Dealing with contention between co-workers
  2. Handling differences between supervisors and subordinates

Table of Contents

Part I – Introduction
Chapter 1 – Party Directed Mediation Model Overview

Part II – Pre-Caucus
Chapter 2 – Empathic Listening
Chapter 3 – Coaching During the Pre-Caucus
Chapter 4 – Interpersonal Negotiation Skills

Part III – Joint Session
Chapter 5 – Mediating the Joint Session

Part IV – Mediation Case Study
Chapter 6 – Intoducing Nora and Rebecca
Chapter 7 – Rebecca’s first pre-caucus
Chapter 8 – Nora’s first pre-caucus
Chapter 9 – Rebecca’s second pre-caucus
Chapter 10 – Nora’s second pre-caucus
Chapter 11 – The Joint Session At Last

Part V – Preventive Mediation
Chapter 12 – Negotiated Performance Appraisal
Chapter 13 – Negotiated Performance Appraisal Clips

For more information on Gregorio Billikopf’s book click here.