Book on International Commercial Mediation

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Title: International Commercial Mediation
by Cyril Chern
Publisher: Informa Law from Routledge
ISBN: 1843117592

From the Publisher:

Although there are several books currently in publication which are useful for those who either want to become mediators or want to know more about the theory, there are no publications for those involved in commercial mediation practice. International Commercial Mediation is a practical guidebook that explains how to handle and complete a mediation, as well as how to personally market the skills developed as a mediator.

The book provides examples, supplies forms, and explains procedures of actual working mediations which can be used to adapt to individual needs. It also deals with advanced practitioner issues and the emerging law on international mediation. Contents include:

  • Mediation as a form of ADR
  • The development of mediation in the construction industry
  • Differences between construction and general commercial mediation
  • The construction mediation process
  • The initial meeting
  • Commencement of the mediation
  • Mediator control
  • Traditional mediation methods
  • Specific construction industry techniques
  • Party exercises and forms
  • Reaching agreement
  • Post agreement techniques
  • General forms and agreements
  • Legal issues in mediation
  • Mediation clauses