Narrative Mediation: Learn What It Means, See How It Works, Ask Any Questions About It – A New Project with Mediator Barbara MCCulloch

Barbara MCCulloch has been practicing mediation in New Zealand for more than 20 years and has worked in a number of different environments to provide Assisted Dispute Resolution processes. For more information on her mediation practice and experience, click here 

Barbara is passionate about Narrative Mediation. And therefore, not only she is willing to share her beliefs and knowledge with other mediators. She also looks forward to answering any questions they may have about that method.

With Barbara, we’ll work together on this 3-step project.

  • Step 1 – Explaining What Narrative Mediation Means
    Here is the chapter on Narrative Mediation from her book “Tai Chi, Neurology and Chocolate”.
  • Step 2 – Showing How Narrative Mediation Works
    Barbara will participate (as mediator) in the simulation of an online mediation of a typical workplace discrimination case. That simulation will be video recorded and posted on our blog, to allow mediators to see for themselves the difference between the Narrative Mediation approach and other methods (e.g. facilitative or transformative) they are familiar with.
  • Step 3 – Any Questions About Narrative Mediation?
    After the above simulation, we’ll set up a video conference with 6-8 mediators from around the world, who can ask Barbara any questions about her article, her simulation, or Narrative Mediation.

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