Book on Measuring the Costs and Quality of Online Dispute Resolution

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Title: Costs and Quality of Online Dispute Resolution: A Handbook for Measuring the Costs and Quality of ODR
by Martin Gramatikov (Editor)
ISBN: 904660473X
Publisher: Maklu Publishers

From the Publisher:

The internet has changed the way we do business, communicate, shop, travel, and learn. Technologies are already assisting people to solve their disputes. E-bay alone deals with more than 60 million disagreements per year using smart online dispute resolution (ODR) tools. In the Netherlands, some people already arrange their divorce using the advantages of online mediation.

In this book, a team of experts – from academia, the ODR industry, and civil society – discuss the status quo of ODR in the European Union. But it goes beyond a mere overview. The book also outlines the results of the EMCOD project, which aims to broaden the access to justice and has developed a method for measuring the costs and quality of ODR processes. It has been written for providers and users of ODR services, as well as for policy makers committed to innovations in the field of dispute resolution.