1-Hour One-on-One Hands-On Online Mediation Via Zoom

During this 1-Hour One-on-One Hands-On Online Mediation via Zoom, we cover 2 key topics: Video Collaboration Software Zoom and Online Mediation.

1 – Video Collaboration Software Zoom

  • Why the Zoom video collaboration software works so well for Online Mediation
  • Difference between the Zoom Free version and Pro version
  • Speaker and Gallery View
  • How to switch between a joint meeting and a private meeting (caucus) with the parties
  • “Door Knock” technique for protecting the parties’ privacy
  • How to set up breakout rooms for engaging in Shuttle Diplomacy in multi-party disputes
  • How to share and annotate online any kind of information (e.g. pictures, documents, worksheets, videos, Powerpoint presentations, websites)
  • How to write up the parties’ “Memorandum of Understanding” or Agenda for their next mediation session
  • How to invite the parties to participate in an online mediation with their PC, Mac, Ipad, Iphone, Android tablet/smartphone, or cellular/landline phone (call-in number)
  • The important role of Mobile Devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet or Smartphone) in Online Mediation
  • Video and Audio settings
  • How and when to use the Chat function
  • Zoom Security and Parties’ Privacy

2 – Online Mediation

  • Your Agreement to Mediate for Online Mediation
  • Why it is useful to have pre-mediation sessions
  • What else you should say during your Opening Statement
  • Best way to ask questions during an Online Mediation
  • Why it is necessary to have a Plan B

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