2 Valuable Online Services That Professional Trainers Like Forrest (Woody) Mosten Can Now Offer Students After Their Classroom Mediation Training

Forrest Woody MostenWhen a mediation training is well designed and is provided by someone who, like Forrest (Woody) Mosten, is so experienced and passionate about mediation, students are bound to fall in love with mediation.

As a result, not only they look forward to any opportunity to practice the methods and techniques they learned during their training. They also wish to stay in touch with their trainer, and be coached on a regular basis while they practice mediation or start their own mediation business.

That’s why Forrest (Woody) Mosten, a mediator in private practice since 1979, author of several bestselling books on mediation, and Adjunct Professor of Law – UCLA School of Law decided to team up with Virtual Mediation Lab.

At the end of his sold out 40-Hour Basic Divorce Mediation Training, which was held in Los Angeles in January 2014, he invited his students to:

  • Practice and improve their mediation skills by participating with other mediators in Virtual Mediation Lab online mediation simulations.
  • Contact Virtual Mediation Lab for setting up and video recording online video sessions with him for 30-min or 60-min one-on-one or group coaching.

Three benefits of such new initiative are that:

  • Mosten’s students will be able to practice immediately the mediation skills they learned during his training and, on request, benefit personally from his professional advice, no matter where they live — all they need is a PC, Mac or Ipad.
  • Mediators from all over the world, regardless of whether they attended Mosten’s or someone else’s training, will be able to benefit from his long experience both in mediating cases and running a successful private practice.
  • As for Mosten, he doesn’t have to worry about the video conferencing software necessary for arranging, setting up, running and video recording online coaching sessions with mediators – Virtual Mediation Lab will take care of all that.

For more information about this new Virtual Mediation Lab service for professional mediation trainers, send an email to Giuseppe Leone