2014 ADRHub Webinar Series – Call for Proposals

ADRHub.com is currently accepting proposals for the monthly ADRHub webinar series. Presenting for one of these webinars provides a great opportunity to share your expertise and to spread your work across a large community of ADR practitioners, scholars and the public that is interested in alternative dispute resolution.

With over 2000 members, the ADRhub.com is a valuable web resource for all the alternative dispute resolution community. ADRhub.com is a portal where you may get ADR related news, events, and be able to stay in touch with others in the community.

Through the ADRhub.com webinar series, participants receive wonderful presentations and engaging dialogues that provide high-quality education and training without leaving the home or office. The ADRhub webinar series offers a broad range of presentations hosted by industry experts to help keep participants up-to-date on the latest activities, trends, industry practices, and hot topics.

Webinar participants gain insight and knowledge to help them take their careers, education and communities to the next level, while gaining valuable guidance into this industry.

A webinar is a live virtual presentation on the Internet utilizing a web-based video conference platform. The webinars are 45-60 minutes long. They typically include about 25 minutes of presentation and 25 minutes of Q&A. These presentations are typically accompanied by a powerpoint.

The monthly webinars continue to bring in experts to present on various topics relevant to our field and provide an opportunity to engage in lively discussions. For those that cannot make it live to the event, they will also be archived so you can download it and watch it at your own convenience. The archives of previous webinar are available for viewing (Webinar Archives Page) and the discussion can continue in the forums.

ADRHub.com is looking to provide topics that their community is interested in – for example:

  • Mediation
  • Public Engagement
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Restorative Justice
  • Role of the Ombuds
  • Community Mediation
  • Online Dispute Resolution
  • Facilitation

If you would like to propose a topic related to those examples, or have another relevant topic of interest, please send an email by December 6, 2013 to Bryan Hanson at bryanhanson@creighton.edu – with the title “Webinar Proposal Submission” in the subject box – and provide:

  • A one paragraph description of your presentation
  • The months that you would be able to present
  • Your contact information