4 Good Reasons to Participate in Online Mediation Simulations

This morning, during the debrief session of the simulation of a workplace case (with John in California, Mary Lou in Ireland and Gerry in England) we discussed briefly the 4 main benefits for mediators who participate in our pilot project Virtual Mediation Lab.

    1. They can practice the mediation techniques they are familiar with, and find out immediately (through the feedback of the other 2 mediators/colleagues) which of those techniques worked better than others
    2. They can observe (and learn from) other mediators’ different methods and techniques
    3. They learn how online mediation works and how easily and effectively it can be integrated with face-to-face mediation
    4. They discover how online mediation can open up entirely new market opportunities, for which face-to-face mediation doesn’t work well – e.g. when parties live in different cities/countries, or they feel unsafe or uncomfortable sitting together in the same room at the mediator’s office

Giuseppe Leone