ACR Interested in New Voices – Emerging Professionals in Alternative Dispute Resolution

A message from Cheryl L. Jamison, President of the Association for Conflict Resolution

Cheryl Jamison - President Association for Conflict ResolutionLast week, we announced an exciting ACR initiative designed to give new practitioners an extraordinary opportunity to present their research and their story at our Annual Conference, Oct. 8-11, 2014, in Cincinnati, Ohio. An international jury will select seven New Voices-Emerging Professionals to present their work in prime time during the conference.

The presentations will focus on an area of research done by the presenter which will engage our diverse membership in new ways and help enhance the practice of our members. The presentation of our selected emerging professionals will feature research highlights, lessons learned and unique areas of practice. The presenters will explain their projects or demonstrate some aspect of their work, making it “come to life” for the audience. The jury panel is looking for exciting practice or research that will enhance the knowledge and practice of our diverse membership. The panel will select 10-15 minute presentations and pair them with other plenary sessions.

All current or recent students in programs specializing in conflict resolution or interdisciplinary programs in which conflict studies are an integral part may apply.

Practitioners who may not have been students in certificate or degree programs but have done other forms of training and have entered the field in the last five years are also invited to apply.

For more information about the New Voices – Emerging Professionals juried selection click here 

I am looking forward to hearing from these emerging professionals at our conference. If you have any comments for me, please contact me at

Cheryl L. Jamison, President of the Association for Conflict Resolution