Online Mediation in Spanish – Mediación Online en Español

Mediacion Online - 13 Julio 2016 Webinar
On July 13, 2016 Giuseppe Leone, founder of Virtual Mediation La, will present a Free 1-hour webinar, which is titled Mediacion Online – Que Significa, Cómo Funciona y Cuáles Son Sus Beneficios and consists of 3 parts.

PART 1 – Introduction to Online Mediation
Giuseppe will explain to a group of Spanish mediators:

  • How they can do online everything they are used to do face-to-face: for example, joint and private meetings with the parties; “Shuttle-Diplomacy” in multi-party disputes; information (documents, pictures, videos) sharing and annotation; writing up the parties’ Memorandum of Understanding” or agenda for their next mediation session
  • How to blend face-to-face and online mediation
  • The benefits of adding online mediation to their practice

PART 2 – Demo 
Mediators will watch this 7-min video of an online mediation simulation of a commercial case run on June 27 with three Spanish-speaking mediators (pictured above):

  • Mediator – Ana Sambold (top left)
  • Parties – Ana Fletes and Antonio Parra

PART 3 – Q&A
All webinar attendees will be invited to ask Ana S., Ana F. and Antonio any questions about their first experience online. Here are some questions that will probably be asked:

  • To the Mediator (Ana Sambold) – If you had mediated the same case face-to-face, rather than online, would she have done anything differently?
  • To the Parties (Ana Fletes and Antonio Parra) – How did you feel being online? Was it easy, simple, natural?

Are You Interested in Online Mediation?
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