Comments of 7 ACR Chicago Members After They Participated in a 1-hour Virtual Mediation Lab Online Mediation Training – September 18, 2013

Here are the comments of 7 ACR Chicago members after they participated in a 1-hour Virtual Mediation Lab Online Mediation Training on September 18, 2013.

Patty wrote:

It was very helpful and encouraging to talk with Giuseppe, because of his vast experience in online mediation. I had been thinking that maybe part of the benefit was that people are in their “home” environment, which may feel safer — which was acknowledged as one of the possible benefits.

Jennifer wrote:

Going into the training I was skeptical of online mediation, but this training left me feeling more intrigued by the potential. The thing that caught my attention the most was the advantage of parties having the security and safety of being at home. The convenience factor had occurred to me, but the idea of mediation going better because participants were in their comfortable, safe place had not.

Patrick wrote:

Very easy to participate in training, easy to login, Zoom was simple to navigate.

Lisa wrote:

I liked the interactive software and the training agenda topics. It seems like online mediation is a good solution for shorter mediations, but not for long, complex mediations.

Gururay wrote:

I liked that the training was conducted using an online format. Using an online tool mimicked an online mediation experience. Giuseppe was engaging passionate about the topic as well.

Rocio wrote:

I had no previous experience with online/mobile mediation training, so all of it was news to me! I was surprised about the range of options that could be available (meeting via smart phone!). The potential convenience for participants who aren’t geographically close to the mediator is undeniable.

Yvette wrote:

I liked that Giuseppe was well organized and clear in his communication as he described and informed us of his experiences with on-line mediation.

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