Feedback on our Pilot Project Virtual Mediation Lab from an Attorney/Mediator in England

Today, Ben, an attorney/mediator who participates in our project Virtual Mediation Lab from England, wrote:

Hi Giuseppe,

I just wanted to say thank for what your project has already done for me and my company even at this early stage. I have started to use the model in the scenario of a free one hour mediation over the video conference and our local state funded public advice service (Citizens Advice Bureau) is going to be sending us as many cases as we can manage in the new year. This really is down to you and VML because if I were to offer a free session without the virtual meeting facility I would have to offer that at my own expense (travel costs and room hire fees etc). With the virtual system, it only costs me a couple of hours of my time.

This is fantastic for a new company like ours as we are trying to make an impression in the local community and get a good local reputation which is difficult as we are up against some of the oldest law firms in the UK.

Ben, thank you for your feedback. The main goals of our project are indeed to help mediators around the world:

  • Practice and improve their mediation skills
  • Learn how to mediate online
  • Discover new market opportunities that online mediation can create for them