How Community Mediators Across the USA Can Now Improve Their Skills and Learn From One Another Online – 1-hour NAFCM Webinar – December 5, 2013 – 3 Videos

Community mediation centers can now use online mediation not only to help people settle their dispute when they live in different cities, states or even countries. They can also use online mediation to help their own mediators practice and improve their skills. How? By participating (from their home or office) in online simulations with other mediators — from the same center or from other community mediation centers across the nation.

How Online Mediation Helps Mediators Practice and Improve Their Skills is the title of a 1-hour NAFCM (National Association for Community Mediation) webinar Thursday, December 5, 2013 from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm Eastern Time.

During that webinar, the three community mediators listed below will not only share their recent experience and “lessons learned” participating for the first time in online mediation simulations of family, commercial and workplace discrimination disputes. They will also answer any questions from other community mediators who participate in the webinar.

Here are the video recordings of those simulations.

Workplace Discrimination Case – September 19, 2013 – 105-min Video


Family Case – September 26, 2013 – 95-min Video


Commercial Case (with 2 Comediators) – October 17, 2013 – 115-min Video


In short, today’s video conferencing software — for our simulations we use Zoom (Pro version)  — makes it very easy (and inexpensive) for community mediators to practice and improve their skills with other mediators across the country. All they need is (1) a PC/Mac or a mobile device (e.g Ipad, Iphone or Android) connected to the Internet; and (2) being aware that:

  • Mediation experience requires reflecting on your own and other mediators’ mistakes – and learning from them
  • It is obviously much better to make mistakes during a simulation than during a real mediation