How Community Mediators Can Practice and Improve Their Mediation Skills Online – 1-hour Webinar – December 5, 2013

NAFCM (National Association for Community Mediation) announces their 2nd Webinar on Online Mediation. (You do not have to have taken the 1st webinar to participate).

The Virtual Mediation Lab will present “How Community Mediators Can Practice and Improve Their Mediation Skills Online” on Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 3:30pm EST – to convert Eastern Time into your time zone click here

This webinar will include feedback from 3 NAFCM centers who participated in the NAFCM and Virtual Mediation Lab online mediation project.

Course Overview

Online mediation can be used not only for offering more services to the public — the topic of NAFCM and The Virtual Mediation Lab’s September 5th webinar. It can also be used to help mediators practice and improve their skills by participating with other mediators in online mediation simulations. As a result, new mediators can practice their skills soon after training. And experienced mediators can test and experiment with different mediation techniques and find out immediately how well they worked.

During this webinar, community mediators from 3 NAFCM centers, who participated in online mediation simulations with their PC, Mac, or iPad, will share their experience including what they learned, what they liked about their simulations, what surprised them, and how was their first experience with online mediation. They will also be able to answer any questions community mediator to community mediator.

This is the first webinar to examine online mediation as a tool for all community mediation centers to use in strengthening their mediators and their centers.

To register click here  [NAFCM members register for FREE; non-member registration fee is $25.]