Mediators’ Feedback After Online Mediation Simulations

At the end of each online mediation simulation via Skype, the 3 mediators who participated in that simulation are invited to fill out an Exit Survey form, which contains the following questions:

  • Which Role Did You Play? (Mediator/One of the Parties)
  • How Useful Was This Simulation? (*)
  • What Did You Like the Most?
  • What Did You NOT Like?
  • Are You Interested to Participate in More Simulations? Yes/No/I don’t know
  • Your Comments and Suggestions for Future Simulations

(*) On a scale from 1 (Useless) to 10 (I found this simulation very useful) the current average grade is 9.9!

PLEASE NOTE – We no longer use Skype for our Virtual Mediation Lab online mediation simulations. To learn why, sign up for our 1-hour Introduction to Online Mediation with PC Mac and Mobile Devices. One of the topics we cover during that training is “How to Choose a Video Conferencing Software for Online Mediation”.