How Shuttle Diplomacy Works in Online Mediation – Demo – 7-min Video

In certain cases, mediators find useful or necessary to engage in “Shuttle Diplomacy”. In other words, the mediator keeps the parties in different mediation rooms, and brings them together when they have reached an agreement that they are willing and ready to sign.

The question is: can “Shuttle Diplomacy” work equally well when a mediation is conducted online – i.e. when the parties are not in their mediator’s office, but they are in different cities, states, countries or continents, connected with their PC, Mac, iOS or Android device?

The answer is Yes.

To prove it, on November 23, 2015 Giuseppe Leone, founder of Virtual Mediation Lab (VML), ran a demo of Shuttle Diplomacy online, made possible by a new feature of Zoom (Pro version), the video collaboration software used by VML for teaching mediators around the world in 2 hours:

  • How to mediate online
  • How to add online mediation to their practice
  • How to blend face-to-face and online mediation

The case being simulated involved 3 companies – Auto Parts Manufacturing Corp., Auto Parts Import Corp., Auto Parts Export Corp. – each represented by their Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and attorney(s).

Shuttle Diplomacy Explained and in Action – 7-min Video

Demo Participants
This VML demo was run with 9 mediators and ADR practitioners from different countries:

  • Dick, Tom and Charles – USA (Hawaii, Illinois, Tennessee)
  • Zoe and Fania – Greece
  • Claudia – Austria
  • Anna – Cyprus
  • Meena and Askshayaa – India

Shuttle Diplomacy in Online Mediation

Interested in Online Mediation?
Giuseppe Leone can teach you in 2 hours – one-on-one – how to mediate online. To learn how watch his 2-min video posted on our home page and, if you have any questions, send him an email or call him at (808) 383-4117.