Law and Courts in an Online World – Online Dispute Resolution: The International Experience – New 88-Min Video

During the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre’s 2016 “Law and Courts in an Online World” Conference in Melbourne, the following international panelists discussed their experiences of major Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) initiatives in Canada, the Netherlands, Europe and the United States.

  • Keryn Negri, CEO, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Panel
  • Shannon Salter, Chair, Civil Resolution Tribunal, British Columbia
  • The Honourable Judge Dory Reiling, Judge and Court IT expert in ODR, The Netherlands
  • Colin Rule, Chairman of, Silicon Valley (via telepresence)
  • Michele Griessmair, Department of Business Administration, University of Vienna

88-Min Video

Source: Sir Zelman Cowen Centre – Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia