Mediating by Skype – Article by Sabine Walsh

Sabine Walsh, a professional mediator specialized in International parental child abduction cases, wrote this article on mediating online by Skype.

Mediation of International Parental Child Abduction Cases in Europe – Interview with Sabine Walsh – 30-min Video

On May 25, 2013 I interviewed her via Skype to talk about:

  • How mediation of international parental child abduction cases works in Europe
  • The comediation model used for those mediations
  • How parents can find qualified mediators in their European country
  • Where other mediators, who are interested to mediate those cases, can get some specialized training
  • What was discussed during the May 18, 2013 conference “Mediation in Cases of International Family Conflict and Child Abduction” held in Galway, Ireland
  • How online mediation can allow parents to participate in mediation, safely, conveniently, and  inexpensively – without having to travel to another country
  • The upcoming online mediation simulation that we’ll run and video record in our Virtual Mediation Lab, to show parents in Europe and around the world what (online) mediation means and how it works – watch the 43-min video below

Example of Online Mediation of International Parental Child Abduction Case – 43-min Video

On July 9, 2013 we ran and video recorded an example of online mediation of an International parental child abduction case with:

  • Comediators: Sabine Walsh and Stacey Langenbahn
  • Irish Mother: Joanna Campbell
  • American Father: Michael Gorman

This 43-min video shows:

  • How online mediation can help parents who now live in different countries communicate and discuss together the future of their children, with the assistance of neutral and professionally trained mediators or comediators
  • Why mediating International parental child abduction cases can be particularly challenging. For example, they require mediators to be fully aware of the (at times very) different social values and legal systems of the countries where each parent lives

PLEASE NOTE – We no longer use Skype. Instead, we prefer to use a video collaboration software called, as explained in this post 6 Reasons Why for Our Hands-on Training in Online Mediation We Use Zoom (Instead of Skype)

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