Mediating From a Distance – Suggested Practice Guidelines for Family Mediators – 2nd Edition

These guidelines were prepared by Susanna Jani, Project Coordinator for the Distance Family Mediation Project, with the assistance of Colleen Getz of C.A. Walker & Associates.


  1. Introduction
  2. Before Using Technology for Family Mediation
  3. Assessing the Suitability of Cases for Distance Mediation
  4. Matching the Technologies to the Case
  5. Managing Confidentiality and Security of Information
  6. The Agreement to Mediate
  7. Preparing for the Distance Mediation
  8. Screening for Safety and Assessing Capacity and Readiness to Mediate
  9. Conducting the Pre-Mediation Session
  10. Managing the Mediation Session
  11. Dealing with Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding
  12. A Few Final Thoughts

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