My Response to Mr. Bruce Friedman’s Post “Online Mediation – Press Delete”

This morning I read Mr. Bruce Friedman’s post Online Mediation – Press Delete on his website.

Since I believe that many other face-to-face mediators have similar (negative) views about online mediation, I sent him the following message via his website.

Mr. Friedman:

I’ve just read your post “Online Mediation — Press Delete”

I am not surprised by your negative views about online mediation. Most mediators (from 29 countries) who during the last 20 months have participated in more than 100 online mediation simulations in our Virtual Mediation Lab felt exactly the same way about online mediation as you do – until they tried it for themselves

I fully agree with your comments about “email, text, and Twitter posts”. That’s why in our online mediation simulations which we have run already in 9 languages you will not find any of that stuff.

I’ll be glad to have a video conference with you and, if you are interested, to invite you to participate in a free online mediation simulation with other mediators from around the world. Who knows? You may discover that online mediation deserves a closer and more objective look before being deleted, as suggested in your article.

Giuseppe Leone
Founder and Project Manager of Virtual Mediation Lab

We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, if you would like to share your comments about and experience with online mediation, please join our Virtual Mediation Lab LinkedIn Group.

Giuseppe Leone