NAFCM December 5, 2013 Webinar “How Online Mediation Can Help Community Mediators Practice & Improve Their Skills” – Agenda, Powerpoint Presentation and Videos

NAFCM is the national association of approx. 400 community mediation centers in the United States and Canada.

Webinar Agenda
Here are the main topics of their December 5, 2013 webinar.

  • How NAFCM community mediation centers can now help their mediators practice and improve their skills, by participating in online mediation simulations with other mediators – from the same or different centers. All they need is a PC, Mac, Ipad and an Internet connection.
  • Why 3 community mediators (in Washington, Wisconsin and Maine) found the 4-part format of Virtual Mediation Lab simulations so effective, and why they liked so much their first experience online.
  • How online simulations and their video recordings can add value to a classroom training program; keep students (new mediators) interested in mediation; and create a new source of income for community mediation centers.
  • How community mediation centers — no matter their size or location — can now learn from and share with one another their “know-how” and experience with specific kind of disputes.
  • Which additional resources — e.g. online training, webinars — Virtual Mediation Lab makes available to NAFCM mediation centers and other ADR organizations.


Video Recording of December 5, 2013 1-hour Webinar
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Powerpoint Presentation

Videos of Online Mediation Simulations Run with 11 Community Mediators 

Workplace Discrimination Case – September 19, 2013 – 105-min Video


Family Case – September 26, 2013 – 95-min Video


Commercial Case (with 2 Comediators) – October 17, 2013 – 115-min Video