Narrative Mediation – Seeking Experienced Mediators for Showing Other Mediators How It Works

In our Virtual Mediation Lab, we have already demonstrated how the same case — in our example, a workplace discrimination case — can be mediated applying 2 different mediation methods: e.g. facilitative and transformative.

We did so for two reasons:

  • To make mediators aware that the mediation method they learned during their basic training is just one – but not the only – method.
  • To prove that people who come to mediation aren’t interested to know how the mediator’s method is called and which theory it is based on. Instead, all they care about is: whatever their mediator did or say, did it work for them? Was it useful to them? Was it worth their time and money? Now that their mediation session is over, do both parties feel at least a bit better than before?

If the above points make sense, it would seem that the more mediators know about different mediation methods, the more options they have when deciding which method (if any at all) could be most useful to the parties in a particular case.

For this reason, we would now like to conduct a similar experiment with the narrative mediation method. And therefore, we are looking for experienced mediators willing to show other mediators how that method works, by participating in one or more online mediation simulations.

As we have done with other mediation methods — watch the videos under Different Mediation Methods in Action — the video recordings of those simulations will be then posted on our blog, for mediators around the world to watch and learn from.

If you have (1) significant experience with the narrative mediation method; (2) a PC or Mac with built-in or external webcam; and (3) high-speed-internet connection, please send me an email

Thank you.
Giuseppe Leone