Narrative Mediation – What It Means, How It Works and What Makes It Different from Other Methods – 71-min Video Interview with Barbara McCulloch

Barbara McCulloch is a professional mediator who practices narrative mediation in New Zealand. She is passionate about it.

First, Barbara agreed to demonstrate her method “in action” (watch the video below) in a workplace discrimination case that we had already mediated applying two other mediation methods – facilitative and transformative – which are more popular.

Example of Narrative Mediation – Workplace Discrimination Case – 86-min Video


Next, she also agreed to answer several questions from some Virtual Mediation Lab mediators, eager to understand better what makes narrative mediation unique.

  • Catherine Craig (Alaska, USA)
  • Derek Griffith (Barbados)
  • Lisa Jacobs (Hawaii, USA)
  • Giuseppe Leone (Hawaii, USA)
  • Arnold Zeman (Canada)