Online Mediation in a Nutshell – 30-min Virtual Mediation Lab Free Webinar/Demo for Mediators and Attorneys – February 13, 2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 a group of mediators and attorneys from around the world learned in 30 minutes:

  • What online mediation means and how it works
  • The benefits of online mediation
  • How we (mediators) can do online everything we are used to do in-person: e.g. Joint and private meetings (caucus) with the parties; breakout rooms for “Shuttle Diplomacy” in multi-party disputes; Information (documents, pictures, worksheets, videos) sharing and annotation; Writing up the parties’ “Memorandum of Understanding” or agenda for their next meeting
  • Which cases are suitable for online mediation
  • How to blend face-to-face and online mediation
  • Which video collaboration software works best for online mediation
  • Why many face-to-face mediators are initially skeptical about online mediation – until they try it

Giuseppe Leone, founder of Virtual Mediation Lab: Online Mediation Made Simple, a project sponsored by the Association for Conflict Resolution Hawaii Chapter. This 30-min free webinar/demo is based on my experience:

Expand Your Mediation Practice
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