Online Mediation – Practicing “Shuttle Diplomacy” and Managing a Virtual Waiting Room for the Parties Has Never Been Easier

With the latest release of Zoom (Pro version), the video conferencing software we use for our online mediation simulations to help mediators from around the world practice and improve their skills, it is now a breeze to:

  • Practice “Shuttle Diplomacy” — with just a click of a button, an online mediator can meet privately with one party or the other
  • Manage a Virtual Waiting Room — an online mediator puts one party “on hold”, while he or she meets privately with the other party

Virtual Waiting Room

This is what the parties see on their PC, Mac or Ipad while they wait in the Virtual Waiting Room.

Virtual Waiting Room in Mediation


Shuttle Diplomacy – Private Meetings

This is what an online mediator and one party see on their screen when they are having a private meeting and the other party is waiting in the Virtual Waiting Room.

Shuttle Diplomacy in Online Mediation