Online Mediation Simulations – Opportunity to Rethink How We Offer Mediation Services

This morning we ran our 45th online mediation simulation via Skype – with two mediators (Erin and Bruce) in Massachusetts and one (John) in California.

Usually, the mediators who participate in Virtual Mediation Lab sit in front of their PC/Mac in their living room, office – or kitchen.

But not this time…

John was sitting in his car parked in front of a public library. And thanks to his laptop and the library wi-fi internet connection, he was able to participate in our simulation like everybody else.

What People Expect From Us Mediators

During the debrief, we also discussed why it makes sense to expect that the more people use (and love) their IPhones, smart phones and Ipads, the more they expect us mediators to offer our mediation services in a way that is not only easy to understand, but also convenient for them to participate in – as it was for John.

PLEASE NOTE – We no longer use Skype for our Virtual Mediation Lab online mediation simulations. To learn why, sign up for our 1-hour Introduction to Online Mediation with PC Mac and Mobile Devices. One of the topics we cover during that training is “How to Choose a Video Conferencing Software for Online Mediation”.