Online Mediation Simulations Calendar – How It Works

After we checked that a mediator’s Skype connection works properly, he or she receives a link to an online simulations calendar.

Simulations Days and Times: Mondays through Fridays — 0800 and 1300 Hawaii Time. To convert Hawaii Time to you time zone click here  Simulations take place only on the days/times when the Coach is available.

Type of Cases: We simulate commercial, family and workplace cases.

Roles: M = Mediator; P 1-2 = One of the Parties; A = Any Role. Examples: “Mary M”, “John P 1-2”, “David A”

Who Participates: Each simulation requires the participation of 1 coach and 3 mediators – one playing the role of the Mediator and two playing the role of the Parties.

Weekly Simulations Schedule: Every week mediators/participants receive a list of simulations scheduled for the following week: on which days/times, for which kind of cases, and which mediators will play which roles.

Scripts: A few days before a scheduled simulation, the 3 mediators who will participate in that simulation will receive a script for their case.

Taking Turns: Our goal is to give all mediators equal opportunity to participate in the same number of  simulations – either as mediator or one of the parties.

PLEASE NOTE – We no longer use Skype for our Virtual Mediation Lab online mediation simulations. To learn why, sign up for our 1-hour Introduction to Online Mediation with PC Mac and Mobile Devices. One of the topics we cover during that training is “How to Choose a Video Conferencing Software for Online Mediation”.