Review of Online Video Conferencing Software for Online Mediation: A (Still Ongoing) Virtual Mediation Lab and Project – Join Our Discussion on November 5 During Cyberweek 2013

If you are interested in Online Mediation and believe that the “visual” component is crucial for gaining the parties’ trust in you and in the mediation process, you’ll soon be faced with two questions:

  • Which video conferencing software shall I use?
  • And how can I try different software, test them, and pick the one I like the most?

In order to help you answer those questions, in the last 3 months a group of Virtual Mediation Lab mediators have done the following.

First, we prepared a list of 14 basic criteria that, in our view, a software should meet in order to work well for you and, more importantly, for the parties, who will participate in your online mediation in any way they prefer: with their PC, Mac, Ipad, Iphone, Andorid tablet or smart phone (or even a landline phone). Second,

  • We began to test some video conferencing software
  • We discussed how each of them met our 14 criteria
  • We video recorded our tests – so you can watch them and judge for yourself

These results will be discussed on November 5 during Cyberweek, through a Discussion Forum titled Which Online Video Conferencing Software Works Best for Online Mediation. Please keep in mind that, in order to participate in our forum, you first need to Sign Up for Cyberweek – the annual virtual conference on Online Dispute Resolution.

Review of Skype Premium for Online Mediation – October 7, 2013


Review of Fuze Meeting for Online Mediation – October 14, 2013


Review of Adobe Connect for Online Mediation – October 16, 2013


Review of ooVoo for Online Mediation – October 21, 2013



  • In case you are wondering why we didn’t test Software X, Y or Z, the reason is simple. We couldn’t find anybody with enough experience with that software and willing to demonstrate it to our group of mediators. If you know – or are – such person, please let me know.
  • Initially, we thought it was a good idea for the test participants/mediators to grade (from 1 to 10) how well each software met our 14 criteria. But later we realized that it is much better if (1) you judge for yourself what happened during our tests and (2) you decide how much importance to assign to our – or your own – criteria.
  • We haven’t run a formal test of the Zoom (Pro version) video conferencing software yet. However, that is the software that we are using for our online and mobile mediation simulations, like the one shown below.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please send me an email

Thank you.
Giuseppe Leone