Scottish University Seeking Other Universities in the USA and Around the World for International ODR Project for Their Students

Two days ago, Charlie Irvine, a visiting professor at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, sent me this message:

I’m enjoying your project (Virtual Mediation Lab). Nice stuff.

I teach a Masters programme at University of Strathclyde here in Glasgow and wondered if there might be potential for my students to link up with others in the US or around the world for their roleplay skills practice. I could facilitate this by setting an assessment based on online mediation, asking them to write reflectively on their experience. These reflections could be share with students from other countries. It would be a great opportunity for inter-cultural learning.

Let me know what you think. I can see lots of potential.

If you know any university interested to participate in Prof. Irvine’s project, please contact him directly.

I hope Prof. Irvine will be able to find enough universities willing to let their students practice and improve their ODR skills with other students around the world. If so, I’ll be glad to share with them how in the last 19 months we have been running and video recording:

Giuseppe Leone