Showing What (Online) Mediation Means and How It Works – in as Many Languages as Possible

In order to help mediators around the world explain in their country what (online) mediation means and how it works, in our Virtual Mediation Lab we have started producing videos in different languages: e.g. English, French, Spanish, Italian

Why? Because in many countries, when people (especially attorneys) hear for the first time about mediation, they are skeptical. Their initial reaction is often something like this:

“In theory, mediation sounds interesting, but I believe it when I see it”
“Yes, I have heard on television that mediation is popular in the USA. But I don’t see how it can work here, in our country”
“I just can’t see what we – attorneys – need a mediator for”.

Videos like ours are meant to do exactly that. Give people a chance to “see” for themselves – in their language – what mediation means, how it works, and why it is so effective for resolving commercial, family, workplace disputes.

Giuseppe Leone

PS: If you would like us to produce similar videos in a different language, send us an email