Simulation of a Workplace Mediation – Which Manager Will Lose or Keep His or Her Job After a Merger – 102-min Video

20140515 Workplace Mediation - Merger

  • Lisa (USA) – Mediator
  • Deborah (USA) – Party 1
  • Stephen (United Kingdom) – Party 2
  • Giuseppe (USA) – Coach


In order to cut expenses, the founder and owner of a company has decided to merge the Sales Department and the Marketing Department. However, since he is a good friend of the managers of each of those 2 departments, he has given them 30 days to decide by themselves which of them will lead the new Sales & Marketing Department, and which of them will lose his or her job.

If the 2 managers can’t reach an agreement on their own within 30 days, they will both lose their jobs, and the company will hire a new manager.

Unable to reach an agreement, both managers contacted “Online Mediation Services” and they agreed to participate in a 1-hour mediation session.

LESSONS LEARNED (Discussed During the Debriefing Session)

  • Why both parties liked the mediator’s opening statement
  • Why for one party was particularly convenient to participate in an online mediation
  • What makes pre-mediation sessions with each party so useful
  • Why the mediator’s time management proved to be effective
  • Body Language – What the mediator could have done better in regard to her online presence
  • How to best manage the risk that one party drops out during an online mediation

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