Simulation of Commercial Mediation – Wedding Catering Services


Online Mediation Wedding Catering Services 20141120

  • Pauline (Northern Ireland) – Mediator
  • Carol (Trinidad) – Party 1
  • Mervyn (South Africa) – Party 2
  • Giuseppe (USA) – Coach

Map Online Mediation Simulation - November 20, 2014


  • 6 Months Ago the Owner of Best Wedding Services in Florida (BWSF) Had Agreed With a Soon-to-Be Bride to Provide a Menu for 100 Guests for $4,000
  • From That Point On, All Communications Took Place Between the Company’s Owner and a Wedding Planner, Who Kept Asking for Some Changes to the Menu
  • 4 Weeks Before the Wedding, The Soon-to-Be Bride Received a Text Message from BWSF. Pay an Additional $2,000 or Find Another Company
  • Outraged, the Soon-to-Be Pride Posted Some Nasty Messages on Twitter and Facebook, Which Are Seriously Tarnishing BWSF Reputation

LESSONS LEARNED (Discussed During the Debriefing Session)

  • How to Best Handle the Confidentiality Issue During the Mediator’s Open Statement
  • What Happens When One of The Parties Questions the Mediator’s Qualifications and Experience with a Particular Kind of Cases
  • Pros and Cons of Having Joint or Private Meetings
  • Why One of the Parties Felt that His Apology Had Not Been Fully Acknowledged by The Other Party. And What the Mediator Could Have Done About It

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