Simulation of Commercial Mediation – What to Do With the Company Profit – 2 Architects Business Partners

20140513 - Commercial Mediation - Architects

  • Pauline (Northern Ireland) – Mediator
  • Erika (Canada) – Party 1
  • Deborah (USA – From a Public Library) – Party 2
  • Giuseppe (USA) – Coach

After 8 years of working together without making any money, 2 architects/business partners win a huge project.

One architect (divorced, ambitious) wants to “think big” and reinvest most of the profit in their company. The other architect (happily married) wants to “be cautious“. She would like to use the profit to buy a bigger house for her family and save money for her kids’ education.

Their project needs to be delivered on time and within budget.

LESSONS LEARNED (Discussed During the Debriefing Session)

  • Mediator’s Opening Statement– What to say and how to say it. Putting the Parties at ease.
  • How the Mediator defined the Parties’ common problem, and managed to keep them focused on its solution.
  • When It’s OK for the Mediator to suggest new possibilities which the Parties hadn’t thought about.
  • In addition to the Mediator’s competency, does his/her gender, age or ethnicity play a role in mediation? If so, why?
  • Why the Mediator’s silence can be a powerful tool in mediation.
  • Why after only 60 minutes, both Parties felt better about themselves, each other and their case. And why they looked forward to meeting again for another mediation session.

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