Simulation of Family Case – Dad’s Golden Watch


20141003 Family Case - Dad's Golden Watch

  • Kristina (USA) – Mediator
  • Adrienne (USA) – Party 1
  • Karen (USA) – Party 2
  • Giuseppe (USA) – Coach


  • Two Half-Sisters Need to Decide within 30 Days What To Do With a Rolex Golden Watch. It Belonged to Their Father, Who Passed Away Recently.
  • If They Can’t Reach an Agreement, That Golden Watch Will Be Donated to a Church.
  • The Two Half-Sisters Barely Know Each Other. In 20 Years, They Met Only Once.
  • They Live In Different Cities, and Their Economic Situations Are Very Different.
  • One Party Needs Some Cash Immediately to Pay $2,000 Back Rent. Otherwise, She Will Be Evicted.
  • But She Is Unwilling to Accept a $2,500 Cash Offer Made By The Other Party, Regardless of the Market Value of the Watch.
  • On the One Hand, She Believes That Dad’s Watch May Be Worth Much More Than $5,000. But On The Other Hand She Has No Money or Time For Having the Watch Appraised.

LESSONS LEARNED (Discussed During the Debriefing Session)

  • Why the Mediator’s Opening Statement Had a Powerful “Personal Touch”
  • Why the Mediator Initially Thought That the Parties’ Case Was Easy to Resolve. When in Fact…
  • Why It Was Useful (and Necessary) to Schedule a Second Mediation Session
  • Why After 1 Hour Both Parties Felt Better About Each Other, and About Their Golden Watch Problem

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