Simulation of Family Mediation – 2 Siblings Need to Choose a Nursing Home for Their 88-year-old Mother

20140515 Family Mediation - Nursing Home

  • Erika (Canada) – Mediator
  • Deborah (USA) – Party 1
  • Stephen (United Kingdom) – Party 2
  • Giuseppe (USA) – Coach

2 siblings need to choose within 7 days a nursing home for their 88-year-old mother.
She gave them 2 options: a nursing home in Hawaii, and a cheaper nursing home in Montana. And she will pay for either option.

If the siblings can reach an agreement, they will share 50-50 their mother’s inheritance after she passes away. Otherwise, they will get nothing. All her money will be donated to a hospital.

The 2 siblings live in different states and have not been in close contact for years. And their current financial needs are quite different.

LESSONS LEARNED (Discussed During the Debriefing Session)

  • Confidentiality – How to best address this issue in a way that is short and clear.
  • When mediating online, what else should a mediator say at the beginning (which is not necessary to say face-to-face)?
  • Why in online mediation it is crucial for a mediator to have a Plan B, if they parties experience technical difficulties.
  • Why the mediator’s opening statement can be different, depending on the parties and their case.
  • Why in online mediation the mediator’s skills and experience are much more important than the technology.

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