Simulation of Workplace Mediation – I Don’t Like My Boss’ Management Style

20140610 - Workplace Mediation

  • Ramon (Andorra) – Mediator
  • Deborah (USA) – Party 1
  • Stephen (United Kingdom) – Party 2
  • Giuseppe (USA) – Coach

An Employee with 15-year experience has filed a formal complaint against her new Supervisor. She feels unheard, ruled out. She doesn’t like his management style.

The Employee also doesn’t like the company’s decision to make cheaper products.

The Supervisor believes that the problem is not him but the Employee. Nobody else is complaining about his style.

Perhaps she is upset only because 3 months ago she was passed over for the job he got.

LESSONS LEARNED (Discussed During the Debriefing Session)

  • Why in workplace cases there are not only issues related to the 2 parties, but also others related to the whole working environment and management decisions.
  • What can a mediator do about the latter issues?
  • How a Mediator can deal with Power Imbalance between the parties.
  • Pros and cons of asking the parties at the beginning of mediation a question like “What would you like to accomplish here today?”
  • What if the parties tell the mediator “You didn’t hear me”.
  • The importance for mediators to be clear about their roles. How that role affects their decisions, and it can be different depending on the kind of cases we mediate.

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