Video Conferencing Software – ComputerWorld Review – December 2012

In December 2012 ComputerWorld reviewed 7 video conferencing services, and for each of them produced a 1-min video.

Source: ComputerWorld

1 – Adobe Connect

2 – Google Hangout

3 – GotoMeeting

4 – Lync 2013

5 – OmniJoin

6 – Skype

7 – Webex


  • With we are conducting a review of video conferencing software specifically for Online Mediation. For more information on how to participate in our review click here
  • In our Virtual Mediation Lab we used to run our online mediation simulations with Skype. Not anymore. Instead we now use Zoom (Pro version) – as shown below

Example of Mobile Mediation – Homeowner Contractor Dispute – PC Iphone Android – 19-min

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