Online Mediation Project Virtual Mediation Lab Presented at William S. Richardson School of Law – University of Hawaii at Manoa

Invited by Professor of Law John L. Barkai, on Friday, March 15, 2013 I gave a 1-hour presentation on our ACR Hawaii online mediation project Virtual Mediation Lab – when it all started, how, and why our online mediation simulations via Skype have gained national and international attention 

I took that opportunity also:

  • To share with Prof. Barkai’s law students the significance for our (small, but highly motivated) Hawaii ADR community of the recent training on mediation via Skype for the Mediation Center of the Pacific in Honolulu
  • To talk about some exciting ODR experiments that we’ll carry out in our lab in the next few months, and whose results will be shared publicly on our website for the benefit of all mediators around the world

PLEASE NOTE – We no longer use Skype for our Virtual Mediation Lab online mediation simulations. To learn why, sign up for our 1-hour Introduction to Online Mediation with PC Mac and Mobile Devices. One of the topics we cover during that training is “How to Choose a Video Conferencing Software for Online Mediation”.