ACR Chicago/Virtual Mediation Lab Webinar on Online Mediation – November 13, 2013 – 87-min Video and Powerpoint Presentation

Here are the 87-min video and Powerpoint presentation of the ACR Chicago/Virtual Mediation Lab November 13, 2013 Webinar on Online Mediation presented by Giuseppe Leone.

87-min Video


Powerpoint Presentation

This webinar was the last step of a 3-step ACR Chicago/Virtual Mediation Online Mediation project to show (typically skeptical) face-to-face mediators:

  • What online mediation means
  • How it works (with a short demo)
  • How online and face-to-face mediation can be integrated
  • Why mediation skills and experience are more important than technology
  • How online mediation can also be used to help new or experienced mediators improve their skills, by participating in online simulations with other mediators
  • Which criteria to use for selecting a video conferencing software suitable for online mediation

To learn about the previous 2 steps of the ACR Chicago/Virtual Mediation Lab Online Mediation project click here

For more information on the excellent response and feedback of the ACR Chicago members who participated in this event, please contact Mac Steele, President

If your ACR Chapter or ADR/Mediation organization is interested to offer to its members a similar project or webinar on:

  • Online and Mobile Mediation
  • Virtual Mediation Lab – Lessons learned, ongoing and upcoming programs

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