Example of Mobile Mediation – Homeowner Contractor Dispute with Parties Using PC Iphone Android – 2 Videos

On July 5, 2013 we ran and video recorded our first example of Mobile Mediation.

We simulated the online mediation of a typical Homeowner Contractor dispute for an unfinished (and unpaid) job – the kind of the cases that in the USA usually end up in Small Claims court. In particular, we intended to demonstrate:

  • How parties can now participate in an online mediation not just with a PC or Mac, but also with their mobile device: Ipad, Iphone or Android
  • How effective (and simple) it can be when an Homeowner can actually “show” (in our case, with his Galaxy smart phone) to a Contractor which parts of a job need to be completed, without having to describe them by phone or email
  • How an online mediator can help both parties communicate and resolve their dispute with an agreement that is “crystal clear”, spelling out which party will do what, how, and by when

The mediators who participated in this simulation are:

  • Mediator: Giuseppe Leone with a PC in Hawaii
  • Homeowner: Ben Davies with a Galaxy smart phone in England
  • Contractor: Kristen Blankley with a PC in Nebraska
  • Contractor’s Employees: John McPhee with an Iphone in Florida and Jim Levy with an Android device in Washington

You can watch our simulation in 2 versions: a short version (19 minutes) or a long one (41 minutes).

Video 1 – Short Version (19 Minutes)


Video 2 – Long Version ( 41 Minutes)


In the next few weeks we’ll run and video record other examples of Mobile Mediation. The easiest way to know when the video recordings of those new simulations become publicly available is to follow us on Twitter 

If you are interested to learn more about our project and what it takes to participate in it, click here – Seeking Volunteer Mediators and ADR/ODR Students for Exploring the Next Frontier of Online Mediation