Example of Mobile Mediation of Roommate Dispute with Mac Ipad Iphone – 5-min and 61-min Videos

On October 20, 2013 we ran our 5th example of mobile mediation – this time,  for a typical dispute between two roommates (messy shared space).

The mediators who participated in this simulation are:

  • Leslie Funk – Online Mediator (Mac)
  • Gabriel Lockwood – Roommate (Ipad)
  • Claudia Maffettone – Roommate (Iphone)

Please note that during this mobile mediation:

  • One roommate (Gabriel) used his Ipad to actually “show” to the other roommate and the mediator what he was complaining about
  • The other roommate (Claudia) shared her own pictures, taken to prove that their common space wasn’t always messy as claimed by her roommate
  • The online mediator (Leslie) used also an online whiteboard (a wp document) to list both roommates’ concerns and write up their mediated agreement

5-min Video


61-min Video

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