Example of Online Mediation – Tenant v Landlord Dispute – ACR Chicago and Virtual Mediation Lab – 16-min Video

On October 25, 2013 we ran a simulation with the following Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) Chicago Chapter members, in order to show how online mediation can be used to settle a tenant v. landlord dispute – quickly, effectively, and conveniently for the parties.


In particular, this simulation demonstrates how parties can:

  • Participate in an online mediation from different cities or states, using different devices – e.g. their PC or Iphone
  • Share and discuss any document relevant to their case – e.g. a written estimate for repairing their washer
  • Allow other people (in our case a repair person) to participate in the parties’ online mediation, in order to provide information which can be crucial for settling their dispute
  • Help the online mediator write up a final “Memorandum of Understanding”

This simulation will be viewed and discussed with ACR Chicago members during their November 13, 2013 webinar on Online Mediation.